Photos are all about how the person behind the lens "sees" a picture. Snapshots are great for documenting our world and travels ... absolutely nothing wrong with grabbing a cell phone or a point and shoot camera and clicking away ... Memories are important. When you take special care to think about how you wish to display images, when they become a reflection of how the photographer chooses them to look .... then the photos become Depictions ..... You can view & download hi resolution versions of the photos, you may also order hi quality prints or other merchandise directly from here .... try the full screen slideshow .... enjoy !!!
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Now the small print - the . . . . Copyright Notice - Please read this, it gives YOU rights to the photos that you are in ... I retain all copyrights for my photos and/or videos, without regard to if they are watermarked or stamped with such copyright notice or not . Basically, if you didn’t take the photo or video, it’s not yours so don't use it, Anywhere. The following notice grants Rights of Use to the subject of the photo, i.e. the dancers, musicians, entertainers or the event personnel etc. BUT DOES NOT include the general public or bystanders that may be in the photo. If that is you then I ask that you ask before using a photo for any reason. THAT being said, I share the USE of the photo with the person in the photo, So, if you are in the photo, You are granted equal rights with me as the copyright owner - So feel free to use it as you see fit, for your personal use, your own cards, flyers or online. You do not need to ask me. EXCEPT ---- No photos may be used by any organization, private or public, business for profit or a non-profit corporation Without Prior Written Consent from me, Roger Hendrix. If you are not in the photo or are one of the bystanders in the photo then I ask that you let me know if you’d like to use it and how, we can deal with it at that time. I’m easy – Just not cheap…..well OK, maybe cheap. Also, if the photos are of a revealing nature, so to speak, the consent of the person being photographed will be respected at all times. I will not use those photos for any reason without prior consent from the subject of the photo. ~ Thank you, Roger Hendrix, depictor